Being Married to a Soldier.

When you marry someone that’s in the military, you marry the job. Any military wife can tell you that. You have different type times of wives for this. You have the wives who try to know everything they can about their job, wives who were previously in the military, wives who have only the minimum to do with their husband’s jobs, and then the wives who pretend to know everything but really don’t.

I, myself, is the wife who tries her best to know my husband’s job because I don’t want to be clueless about what he tells me. It helps that my neighbor is the wife that was previously was military. So it’s easier for me to figure it out.

There are pros to being married to someone in the military; you have housing taken care of, medical benefits, etc. But unless your married to a soldier and truly love them, you don’t know the emotional pros. The pride you get when someone shakes their hand and thanks them for their service, when they get an award, and just knowing that they are trying to do their best for our country. You have your heart swell knowing that they would take a bullet for a stranger which means they would do anything for you. However, it’s not the romanticize story people seem to think it is..

There are cons; the worry for some people that their love ones will be deployed and hurt or killed out there. The men and women of Fort Irwin go out in the field for training for two weeks. Their SO worry about them because it’s just as dangerous. There have been times where my husband was almost killed. Some people have lost limbs. The thing is, I get told not to worry about my husband because he’s not deployed and he’ll be home at some point. That may not be true. The wives of these soldiers in Fort Irwin usually understand. Fort Irwin has one of the highest divorce rates as well. Being married to someone in the military isn’t always hard no matter where you are. You just love them and stand by their side anyways.

It’s an amazing feeling to know you married a hero, but at the same time, it’s very emotionally straining. You have the worry about their jobs, people who spread hate on them, and even people who are trying to get with your SO. Marriage is not easy. No marriage is. Some marriages have harder roads to go on. The only way a marriage can last is to stay strong through it all. Stand by your Solider, Sailor, Marine, or Airman no matter what.



3 thoughts on “Being Married to a Soldier.

  1. Nice post. We are currently at Polk which does the same type of training schedule. My hubs is on Rotation almost 3 weeks each month where he works over 12 hrs a day. It can definitely be stressful even without them being deployed.


  2. Really enjoyed reading this. While my husband is “only” Army National Guard (we get the only a lot), we all have the same fears. I get chastised a lot by people because my husband is only part time Army. Mind you, these people live in our town and wanna complain about him being in the Army – well then sign up your damn self.

    I think that no matter what your SO is – full time or part time, we are all the same. We still face deployments and annual training – the only difference is it isn’t their main job. We don’t have the same perks as full time Army, but that’s okay. Some of my best friends are full time Army wives and they don’t me or my husband any differently because he is just National Guard. Like you said, always stand by your Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman no matter what – I also think this goes for us Military Wives as well because we all go through the same thing no matter what branch. 🙂

    • I completely agree. I think us military wives are undermined even by the people in the military. That’s why we have to stick together. No one else will understand what we go through or our feelings, not even our husbands, most of the time, unfortunately.

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