Douchebags In the Military.

I’m so embarrassed….. Last week I posted Part two to the wrong blog!!!! Talk about a facepalm….. If you missed it, I reblogged it from my other blog which is a fitness blog. I’m so sorry.

This week I want to put some focus on our country’s heroes…….. Well some of them. We all know someone like this: Cute, has someone, but uses the military as excuses to either cheat or avoid their SO. They may even have an ego the size of Texas. These are the people who you wonder how someone could stay with them. These are the Douchebags of the Military. These are the people who you know they are doing things like I’ve explained before but you won’t say anything because; well who really wants to be that jerk? The messenger will always be shot.

These people make me very frustrated. I’m very against cheating. Not because I’m a Christian but because cheating is a very crappy thing to do to someone…. Some people say that “Well if you aren’t happy then leave” but the problem isn’t that they are unhappy. I’ve seen many people be with someone to use them for whatever reason in civilian life and in the military life. It’s just horrible. Then I either watch or I hear that some of the people in the military will use their job to avoid their girlfriends or to not go home to their wives.

These people will use their training as an excuse or take on extra “chores” or whatever to why they can’t see you. Sometimes it’s not even true what they say they are doing. Some of these SO’s will find out about these douchebags’ lies and go so far into denial. I’ve seen that happen as well. It’s so sad. I have a hard time telling my friends’ to grow a pair when they need it that I can’t imagine being unfaithful to someone I claim to love.

Now, I’m not trying to install fear into you faithful SO’s of military personnel. If your SO is saying the military is preventing them from seeing you or from coming home, it’s probably true because the military enjoys making people miserable. The military can easily take them away. I know my husband will call me and tell me he has to go out in the field after being told hours before he’s staying in town….. How do I know my husband isn’t one of these guys?? Well he can’t lie to me. He just can’t, his facial expressions give him away. Also I trust him and his morals. He’s just like me, he’s very against cheating. He also helps me see he isn’t being unfaithful or avoiding me because he calls or texts me every chance he gets and comes home at any moment he can.

So just because your SO says the military is keeping them, doesn’t mean they are lying. If you trust your love then keep on trusting them until they give you a solid reason not to trust them.

As for the people who use their job to cheat or avoid their SO:



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